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Deer Hunting Opener in Roseau County

Join us as we hunt Roseau County


Deer hunting in Roseau, MN, during the late fall, is not just about the pursuit of game; it’s an experience that connects individuals with nature and the rich hunting traditions of the area.

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The first snow came early this year, and a few inches of coverage still blankets the ground. Hunters have been eagerly preparing their gear for weeks, ensuring they have their licenses, rifles, ammunition, and other essentials.

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Despite severe winter conditions last year, the population of deer in Roseau County is healthy. Most areas provide the opportunity to harvest more than one deer. A bumper acorn crop this year means deer may not be concentrated in open fields; hunters should scout for areas with good oak production. 

Read the full report:…/field-reports-what-minnesota-deer.

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Where can you hunt and when?

Hunters in Minnesota are fortunate to have many options when it comes to hunting locations. From state forests and wildlife management areas to county lands and federal waterfowl production areas, hunters can use thousands upon thousands of acres. Add to these private properties enrolled in special programs or on which hunters have permission, and the choices can seem overwhelming.


Check the DNR website for clarification on where you can hunt and the Hunting Regulations for clarification of trespass law in Minnesota. The most important thing to know is that each type of hunting land usually has restrictions regarding dates, permissions, and what game you’re allowed to take.


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Roseau trail cam photo of Buck and a blind west of city limits.