Looking for a place to stay in or around Roseau? We can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Roseau has lodging that offers the accessibility of being right in the center of town as well as many surrounding area campgrounds. Our hotels are top notch and offer a variety of assets sure to please all guests.

Besides being an outdoor lovers dream, we are close to so many other great places to visit.  So close that we have compiled a list of must-do day trips from Roseau under the Explore Roseau link.  We think you will find Roseau to be the perfect home base for your Northern MN vacation.

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1110 3rd St NW, Roseau, MN 56751
North Country Inn
902 3rd St NW, Roseau, MN 56751
Roseau Motel & Diner
806 3rd St NW, Roseau, MN 56751
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