Diversity and Inclusion

Minnesota is filled with plenty of big cities we love, but some of us want to settle down in a small, tight-knit community. Roseau is a gentle town that welcomes everyone. It sits at the state’s top, only miles from the Canadian border. It’s the home of hockey legends and the birthplace of Polaris Industries. It’s a special place that reminds you of the importance of friendships, hard work, and values.
We are a safe community where the residents take pride in where they live. Our streets are safe, and the locals greet each other by name. A stranger will be welcomed with a hello and a warm smile. Before long, you won’t be a stranger, as the locals bring you into their getting-to-know-you pleasantries. Owner of the AmericInn, Darrin Smedsmo, chuckles as he describes Roseau as the Mayberry of the North. And what does he mean by Mayberry? We’re talking about safe slow-paced rural communities where you know everyone—a community where family and friends are basically the same things. Roseau is the perfect definition of a small town. The residents embrace their community, which is strong because of it. 
In Roseau, the community takes care of its people. We are taught to be respectful to all and treat everyone as equals because it’s the right thing to do. We get to know our neighbors, bring food when someone is sick, to care for the community like they are family. Parents teach kids to pay attention to details and take pride in their work. In Roseau, we are mindful of how our lives impact the world around us and try to ensure the impact is positive.  
Roseau has small-town values in a big world. “Just because you’re a small community doesn’t mean you have to think small. Roseau is a town of 3,000 people, but we have a big heart, which makes us attractive as a community. Our slogan is “Roseau feels like home,” and if you get involved in the community, it quickly becomes home.” We respect all people–no matter what culture, religion, race, or values because it’s the right thing to do, and it speaks volumes about the character and values we teach our youth. 
– Sinnamon Krings, Roseau Promotions Director
Polaris Industries was built on these core values. It grew from a vision of a few guys tinkering in the shop to a Fortune 500 Company. The founder’s values remain true today. Work hard, play hard, and treat your employees like they matter because they do. 
Polaris is building a diverse workforce in Roseau. Workers are coming to the community for reliable employment with wages that allow them to participate in the American dream. Many families are taking the risk of leaving their loved ones in places like Puerto Rico to secure a better future. The stories of individuals leaving the southern US with $100 in their wallet and a bus ticket to start a new life here are common. The community welcomes them and even helps them find the necessities to begin their new life here. The churches open their doors, and organizations ask them to be involved.  
Roseau offers many jobs for individuals at other companies and at all proficiency levels. Altru Hospital, a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital in 2022, recently hired four new lab technicians from the Philippines. When asked about life in Roseau, one 30-year-old said, “One day, I left my key in my apartment door, and when I came home after my shift, it was still there, and nothing was touched. This surprised me; where I moved from, nothing would have been left. He said that the people are so nice and kind to each other. When his neighbor asked him to turn down his music so he could sleep, we knocked on my door with a plate of cookies. It’s clear by this testimony that Roseau is a safe and welcoming place to hang your hat.
Roseau welcomes its guests and new community members and, if you come into our community with these shared beliefs, your time here will be warm and delightful. We ask you to be kind to our community, care for it and embrace it as its residents do. In return, we will show you respect. We will open our doors, homes, schools, and lives. This small-town attitude in a big world gives life meaning and purpose for our locals. It’s about seeking to change the world through meaningful, respectful, and thoughtful interactions with everyone we meet. Welcome to our community. We hope before long, Roseau feels like home.
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