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We would like to welcome you to our community. Our slogan here is “Roseau Feels Like Home,” and we want to make things as comfortable and easy as being at home. We think you will find our community to be inclusive and welcoming to all. We understand that traveling with allergies is tough, we hope these tips will help you have a more carefree day.


    Gluten-free dining options are available and easy to find in Roseau. Watch for Gluten-free (GF) or Vegan (V) offerings on businesses menus. It is common to ask for substitutes or go to dining here. Ask for what you need. Roseau is a helpful community and will try its best to meet your needs. Please state if you are gluten-sensitive or gluten-intolerant when ordering.


  • Jake’s Pizza – Offers a delicious cauliflower crust with build-your-own toppings, which is also keto-friendly.
  • The Brickhouse – Offers gluten-free buns, steaks, salads, and artisan pizzas. This restaurant does label menu offerings as Gluten- Free or Vegan.
  • Gene’s Bar and Grill – Options can be made to make some menu items gluten-free. A lettuce wrap hamburger is not a bad option here. Their burgers and grilled chicken are filled with flavor.
  • Nelson’s Cafe – For breakfast, this is your choice. Consider stuffed hashbrowns, eggs, or made-to-order omelets
  • Up North Nutrition – Grab a healthy meal replacement smoothie that tastes like dessert.
  • Super One Grocery Store – The grocery store has everything you need for gluten-free eating. The store allergy sensitivity section houses some gluten-free food selections. Things like pizza, mac and cheese, cereal, rice, and international are mixed where you would find them.
  • Burger King and Dairy Queen – If you have sensitivity or allergies, then you know the story of these fast food chains. Ask the employee when ordering or at the window. The product ingredients can also be viewed on their websites.

Sinnamon Krings, Roseau’s Promotions Director, has a daughter that was born with severe gluten sensitivity, and she says, “Over the years, Roseau has more gluten-free items available at restaurants and the grocery store than I see in many big city areas. My daughter loves Jake’s crisp-crusted cauliflower pizza and the ability to have a burger or sandwich from the Brickhouse. It’s nice to sit down in a restaurant and not feel like we must make her allergy the center of our meal planning or restaurant selection.”


    Both the AmericInn and North Country Inn and Suites have continental breakfasts. You can find a few gluten-free cold cereals, oatmeal, hardboiled eggs, yogurt, and fruit in the selection. Roseau is a helpful community and will try its best to meet your needs. Please state if you are gluten-sensitive or gluten-intolerant when ordering.


    The Brickhouse has a menu with allergy and dietary preferences labeled. Genes, Legion, Legends, Jakes, and Subway all have selections that will leave you happy with your selections available.