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We would like to welcome you to our community. Our slogan here is “Roseau Feels Like Home,” and we want to make things as comfortable and easy as being at home.

  • Geo-caching – It’s like a treasure hunt of sorts. Roseau Area (30 Miles radius) has countless caches -127, to be exact. We suggest you use this free app that’s available from the app store.
  • Pack a small pop-up tent for use as a calm corner and a brimmed hat for outdoor activities. Try to find as many different kinds of leaves on a nature hike in City Park or create a scavenger hunt.
  • Rent a bike at Riverview Outdoors and ride the bike path. Traffic is light, the air is fresh, and you can stop as needed.
  • Play Pokemon Go with a site in Riverview Park. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that uses your phone’s GPS to track your location and then places a Pokemon character into the real-world surroundings on your phone. You then catch Pokemon by throwing Pok balls at them.
  • Visit the Roseau County Museum, you will most likely be alone while viewing the museum. Call ahead to be sure a group is not coming in.
  • Attend one of our events, such as Fall Fest or Summer Fun Days.
  • Go Bird Watching – Visit our day guides for day trips and pointers. Print this Bird Hunt Checklist and visit Hayes Lake State Park.
  • Blow bubbles in the park

  • RV Camping in Roseau – Visit Hayes Lake or the City of Roseau campground. The parks are tucked into wooded areas and offer quiet, relaxing retreats where you can roam around in a very minimally populated setting. While camping RV’s allow for popping back into the camper to read a book, nap, or listen to a story. The City of Roseau Park is minutes from downtown Roseau where you can grab a bite to eat at Earl’s Drive-In with curbside dining or even consider a pizza to go and eat it at the campsite’s picnic table.
  • The Splash Park is a great place to let kids be kids. A semi-gated area helps keep an eye on all those cooling off in the water or playing on the brightly colored playground. Need a break, head into the shelter for a little break. The oversized changing areas and bathrooms even have a bench if you need privacy. Let the sidewalk be a canvas and chalk color on the sidewalk.
  • In Roseau, you can visit a different city park for a week or more and never have to go back to one before. The Northstar Park has wide open spaces, a large playground, and great views of the open farm fields. This is a great place to watch farmers from afar or enjoy a fantastic Roseau sunset. Don’t forget to stop by Riverview Park, stroll along the cobblestone paths, and take in the breathtaking Scandinavian-designed gazebo built without nails. Toss a ball or kick around a soccer ball in the City Park.
  • Pioneer Farm offers a playground and lots of room to be free without worrying about cars and many people. The farm is open for walk-in travelers and window gazing. This is a historical site paying tribute to the history of agriculture and the settlers in Roseau County.
  • Earl’s Drive-In – Relax in the familiar surroundings of your car as the Earl’s Girls bring your meal car side.
  • Attend a Hockey Game or school sports event.
  • Attend our Farmers Marketplace on Thursday 3-7 PM or Saturday 8- Noon
  • Rent a paddle board or kayak and paddle the Roseau River. Rentals are available at Riverview Outdoors and Recreation.
  • Our hotels all offer continental breakfast, so the selection of what for breakfast is visual and up to the individual to select.

One of


Meet Anna, a special member of our community. Anna is a special light in our small town. This girl has personality plus and she is loved, supported and adored by our community members. Anna works at Nelson’s Cafe, volunteers at our senior care center, take zumba lessons and is 100 percent engaged in our events and opportunities.
Never has her Downs Syndrome been a treated as a obstacle. Anna is part of what makes Roseau a special place.

Her mother writes, “Anna has enjoyed and appreciated the support and opportunities she’s been given living in the Roseau community. From making friends and learning life skills at the Roseau Community School, participating in the many outdoor activities, to the agencies that support her in job opportunities, Roseau has been a special place to call “home”.

Anna is uniquely- abled. While visiting Roseau, you can only hope to meet this amazing, bold and beautiful community member.