Roseau River

The Roseau River is home to a diverse fish community with over 30 species of fish being documented. Anglers of the Roseau often seek Northern Pike, Walleye, and Channel Catfish. Results of the 2015 survey indicate healthy populations of all three species. Northern Pike ranged from 9 to 28 inches in length with variety of sizes in between that should provide good fishing in the future.

Walleye were sample over a broad range of sizes, including fish as long as 24 inches. Additionally, several newly hatched Walleye from this spring were sampled that should provide plenty of action in the next couple of years. Channel Catfish are also a popular sport fish on the river, and numerous “cats” exceeding 20 inches were documented with one over 30 inches!

Another interesting discovery was the presence of Channel Catfish upstream of the old Roseau city dam that was modified in 2001. Anglers fishing in the city of Roseau now have the opportunity to fish cats right in town.

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