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The City of Roseau works hard to provide quality and affordable housing opportunities for local residents as well as those relocating to Roseau for employment opportunities. Roseau boasts a wide variety of housing stock in all price ranges and types. Whether you are looking to own or rent, newer or older home, single-family detached or multifamily unit, Roseau has worked hard to provide a good variety of housing options . Housing prices run from as low as $40,000 to over $250,000, so there are housing opportunities to fit every family’s lifestyle. In addition, the city has many lots available for residential development with city services provided.

In addition the City partipates with other entities in Roseau County to help provide financing for anyone seeking to purchase a new home. The Roseau County Affordable Housing Fund was created through contributions from Polaris Industries, Inc.; Marvin Windows & Doors; Roseau County; Roseau Electric Cooperative; and the Cities of Roseau , Badger, Warroad, and Greenbush to help provide low-interest downpayment assistance (up to $7,500) to anyone seeking to purchase a home in Roseau County. In addition, the City of Roseau has an incentive program for new housing providing up to $2,500 in rebates and credits per home. Contact the City of Roseau for more information on any of these housing programs (218) 463-5003.

For more information on the local housing market contact:

Agassiz Realty (218) 469-0660

Reed Realty (218) 463-5000

USA Realty (218) 463-3148

Scott Pahlen Realty (218) 386-1800

For rental information contact:


Anda /Rose Lawn Apartments (218) 469-9558 Resident Manager (701) 237-6840 Anda Properties

Mike Burkel Apartments (218) 463-9721

Duane Erickson Apartments (218) 463-3653

Garden Court Apartments (218) 463-3684

Golf Terrace Apartments (218) 463-1646

Guest House Apartments (218) 242-1490

Lund Apartments (218) 463-1008

Meadows Apartments (218) 463-9767

Northern Lights Apartments (218) 261-1137

Parkland Place Apartments    (803) 566-7572

Pederson Apartments  D.W. Jones Management (218) 547-3307 or 800-810-2853

Roseau Court Townhomes   D.W. Jones Management (218) 547-3307 or 800-810-2853

Renae Erickson Apartments (218) 463-0720

Summerfield Place Apartments Greater Minnesota Management (800) 504-6093

Southside Square Apartments  D.W. Jones Management (218) 547-3307 or 800-810-2853

Tamarack Place Apartments  Sand Companies Inc. 218-452-2106

Senior/Assisted Living Apartments

North Star Apartments (218) 463-3086

Northern Horizons Apartments (218) 463-3695

Oak Crest Senior Housing (218) 463-2006

Sunburst Apartments (218) 463-1303

Duplexes & Single Family Houses

Michael Dieter (218) 463-2141

Bob Rude/David Baxter (218) 689-1997

Denielle Drown-Moser (218) 242-4910

A&P Investments – Andy Jensen (218) 242-1490

Mobile Homes

West Side Trailer Court (Jack Lund) 218-

East Side Trailer Court (Donn Haugen) 218-689-6977

Parkland Place Apartments

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