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The South Riverview Park Splash pad is open during the summer.  The splash pad is set to run between the hours of 10 am – 9 pm every day of the week.

The splash pad can be activated by touching the black sensor at the entrance of the splash pad.

Splash Pad


  1. All persons using the splash pad do so at their own risk. No lifeguard is on duty.
  2. Young children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  3. Appropriate swim attire is required on the splash pad. Cut-offs, gym or dress shorts, thongs, transparent swimsuits, and street shoes are prohibited.
  4. Any person wearing a diaper must use a swim diaper covered with plastic or rubber pants, underneath their swimsuit. Changing of diapers near the splash pad is prohibited.
  5. Slip-resistant water shoes are recommended at all times for all guests on the splash pad.
  6. The City of Roseau reserves the right to limit entry if the splash pad is at reasonable capacity.
  7. Rough or dangerous play, running, climbing, hanging, or pulling on splash pad fixtures, sitting or standing on splash pad fixtures, blocking the flow of water or introducing sticks, rocks, sand, or any foreign object into the splash pad fixtures, is prohibited.
  8. Smoking is prohibited on and around the splash pad area.
  9. Animals are prohibited within 10 feet of the splash pad area.
  10. Sharp objects, glassware of any kind, food containers, food, gum and drinks of any type are all prohibited on the splash pad.
  11. Radios and other acoustical devices are prohibited in the splash pad area
  12. Soaps, detergents and shampoos are prohibited on the splash pad
  13. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, skates of any type, strollers or any other type of wheeled vehicles (except wheel chairs and other approved assistive devices) are prohibited on and around the splash pad area.
  14. Beach and water toys, athletic equipment, buckets, balls, bats, beach balls, “Noodles” and other toys are prohibited on the splash pad.
  15. Spitting, spouting, nose blowing and drinking splash pad water is prohibited on the splash pad.
  16. Persons who have a contagious disease, persons who have had diarrhea within the last two weeks, persons with nausea, persons with skin or eye irritations or infections, persons with respiratory infections, persons with open lesions, wounds or cuts are all prohibited from the splash pad.
  17. Use of the splash pad is prohibited during severe or dangerous weather. Everyone must vacate the splash pad at the first sound of thunder and remain off the pad until 20 minutes after the last thunder is heard.
  18. Lawn chairs and furniture of any type is prohibited from the splash pad area. No electrical appliances may be used within 10 feet of the splash pad area.
  19. No illegal, disruptive, destructive or inappropriate behavior is allowed.
  20. The City of Roseau reserves the right to remove any person from the park for violating any of the above rules, or any park rule, regulation, policy or ordinance.