The Minnesota County Where You’ll Shovel The Most Snow

Here’s where it snows the most in Minnesota.

By William Bornhoft, Patch Staff  | Updated 

MINNESOTA — Snow season is officially upon us, much to the delight of children hoping for a brief reprieve from the doldrums of school. Snow is a part of life in Minnesota, especially in Roseau County, which was just named the snowiest county in the Land of 10,000 (frozen) Lakes.

That’s according to the financial news and opinion site 24/7 Wall St., which published its study Nov. 22. The authors calculated the average snowfall for every county in the U.S. on the days it snowed in December, January and February from 2016 to 2018. The data came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Loudoun County, Virginia took the top spot. The northern Virginia county has the highest average winter snowfall in the nation at more than 5.6 inches. On Jan. 24, 2016, the county saw a whopping 36.6 inches of snow — more than 3 feet — and there were seven days of recorded snowfall last winter.

Roseau County in Minnesota receives the second-highest amount of snow on average at 5.52 inches. Here’s the breakdown for Roseau County:

  • The heaviest snowfall in last three years: 9.0 inches (Jan. 3, 2017)
  • County population: 15,609

Tulare County, California, was the next highest at 5.44 inches followed by Bent County, Colorado, at 5.22 inches.

Most states have at least one county where snowfall is common and it often comes in bunches, the report said. However, on average, much of the South receives just a few inches of snow each year, the report said.

Patch national staffer Dan Hampton contributed to this report. Image via Shutterstock. Find article online here.

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