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A Culinary Journey Through Roseau

Hello! My name is Roman the Gnome and I want to tell you about the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner options I discovered in Roseau!

To start the day I stumbled into Reed River Coffee Company, which I heard from a local was one of the most popular places to buy coffee in town. The smell of coffee grounds and baked goods filled my nose with pure delight. I entered the sunlight-filled shop, where I decided to look around. It had a rustic, cozy atmosphere and sold an assortment of house decor along with fun coffee mugs. I asked the worker for one of my favorites, an iced caramel shaken espresso. Along with my drink, I purchased a large chocolate chip scone, which had just been baked. Excitedly, I sat on a brown leather sofa that faced a bright window and devoured my breakfast. The two complemented each other perfectly! The coffee shops relaxing atmosphere was a great location to plan my culinary journey through Roseau.

Screen Shot 2023 07 17 at 2.53.25 PM
Getting My Coffee

After an amazing breakfast, I decided to head downtown. I did some shopping at the MN Bead Gypsy that has Scandinavian flair and went to Transfer’s Unlimited to buy a Minnesota-themed shirt. This is when I smelled it- the familiar smell of pizza. There is nothing more joyous to my round little soul than that of an Italian pie.   I was told it came from the town’s famous Jake’s Pizza! The second I walked in I was greeted by the bright, colorful retro-like atmosphere and ever so friendly workers. I scanned through their menu, noticing the large array of sandwiches topped with their signature Jake’s Sauce. I had to try it and recommend that you do too! I purchased one of their most popular sandwiches, the Great Canadian along with extra sauce. The sauce was mayo based and had hints of pickle and seasoning. After devouring one of the most amazing sandwiches I have ever had, I headed into the kitchen to learn more about their iconic thin-crust pizzas. I watched as the speedy cooks topped the homemade dough and placed the pizzas into a massive oven. The savory smell of pizza filled the hot kitchen, making me hungry all over again! I decided to purchase a small pepperoni pizza and for dessert, their brand-new Suzie Streusel. The Suzie was a combination of thick crust topped with a sugary crumble. This place truly offered the perfect lunch experience! I made a few new friends, the locals are very chatty and most interested in my travels.

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To end the day, I took a stroll on the City of Roseau trails that lead me through town.  I saw Polaris, the golf course, and the Roseau River. I decided to head back to my hotel at the AmericInn which has recently seen renovations. I cleaned up and splashed some Old Spice Cologne on for my dinner at The Brickhouse Restaurant & Bar. Funny enough, I had been in the same building earlier when I got my coffee as they are attached. It’s a beautiful old creamery that also houses the Polaris Experience Center. A museum of Polaris history.  I discovered that Roseau is the Birthplace of Polaris.

Before dinner, I decided to sit in the bar area, which had a dark and moody atmosphere. After searching through the vast menu options, I found a soup that I have never had, chicken wild rice! Apparently, it is a classic for Minnesota northerners. The waitress told me that wild rice has been harvested in these regions from the time of the American Indians settled here.  It is a dark gain with an earthy flavor. I decided I had room to try the angry bacon cheddar burger as it would compliment the soup well. The soup was very rich and tasty, along with the burger which had a strong smokey flavor. If you are looking for dinner in Roseau, The Brickhouse provides a variety of delicious options. While eating I also got to watch TV, as the area had multiple sports teams playing! It was not long before I had eaten the whole meal and had to loosen by belt a notch.  Ok, I’ll be honest it’s easy too. But when food tastes this good, I’m a good eater. I may be small but I have a fierce appetite.

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The Menu was so big, I couldn’t hold it in my gnomish small arms.

Contributing Author: Bodee Hovda