City Adding New Housing Subdivision

The City of Roseau is in the process of opening up a new housing subdivision in the City Limits to accommodate the continued expansion of housing in our community. Initial plans are to develop land along Oak Crest Boulevard adjacent to the Oak Crest Golf Course on the south side of the city. The City has agreed to purchase approximately 26 acres of existing farmland to create 32 lots of approximately one half acre or more.

The City plans to develop the subdivision in 3 phases, with new phases proceeding as lots are sold. The initial development will include 10 lots directly west of the Oak Crest South subdivision along Oak Crest Boulevard. The next phase of eleven lots would run east towards and into the Oak Crest Golf Course. The final phase of the subdivision would be entirely contained within the golf course on land reserved for housing development.

The costs of the lots has not yet been determined and will be dependent on estimated costs of development. Lots will be sold through the City of Roseau. Anyone interested in more information on this development should contact Community Development Coordinator Todd Peterson at 218-463-5003.

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