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Hotdish Cook-Off Rules and Details

The Minnesota Hotdish Competition (Roseau Edition)

All right Roseau Fall Harvest Fest goers it’s time to be a true Minnesotan and enter the Hotdish Competition. It’s sure to be a real hotdish, dontcha’ know.


Here’s what you need to know.

When: The FIRST SATURDAY in October
Registration and Drop Off: 11:30 AM

Drop off your best-loved hotdish at the Hotdish Tent outside of The Pour House across from Ronning’s by noon.
Pre-registration: You can pre-register by clicking the button below or clicking here.
Details: Hotdish must be entered in the name of the person who made it and presented in an 8 in. x 8 in. size disposable pan. All are welcome to join, there is no age requirement.

Judging Criteria: Your hotdish will be judged by a panel of 5 local Judges. and 2 Random Event Goers.

 Each judge will base your dish on a 20-point scale:

  1. Taste: Up to 10 points 
  2. Originality: Up to 5 points
  3.  Gone Back for Seconds:The judge went back for a second taste because it was so good.
  4. 5 points 

Hotdish Competition Judges will not consult with each other. The winner will be awarded based on the highest overall score by accumulating all judge’s scores per dish. Judges will not know the contestants’ names. In case of a tie, the tied hotdishes will be re-judged. All Judges’ decisions are final.

A people choice award is given by voting on the street by eventgoers.  This winner takes home $50 in Roseau Dough

2023 Roseu Fall Festival Studio 218 384


1. Your hotdish must contain the following:  A protein (meat), a dairy or canned item, and a starch such as rice, potato, or pasta.  

 2. Entries must be delivered in disposable or non-returnable pans. An 8in x 8in size pan works best. 

3. Please provide the name of your dish and a recipe with it. This is to avoid allergen issues. 

4. Must be served warm or hot. Can’t be cold; come on it’s hotdish people. 

5. Must be present or have someone represent you and your hotdish. 

6. Must be edible. Any hotdish that is questionable will be disqualified. 

7. All entries become the property of the Roseau Fall Fest.  After judging a people’s choice vote will be made by random event participants.  The winer will get a gift card.

 8. By entering you give your permission to have your photo taken and recipe used for future promotional materials, including the Go Roseau Website, Facebook, and Instagram.


PRIZE:  Judge’s Choice for Best Hotdish will win $100 in Roseau Dough plus bragging Rights for the Best Hotdish in the County!

For any further questions please contact Sinnamon Krings Roseau Promotions Director at


Previous Winning Hotdish Recipes

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