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The City of Roseau and the surrounding region provide prospective employees a wide variety of opportunities for satisfying employment as well as an opportunity to live where you play.  The quality of life and employment opportunities of Roseau make it the 20th Best Place to Live in America for outdoor enthusiasts according to Outdoor Living Magazine

For information on employment openings in the region view our job opportunities page or contact:

Minnesota Workforce Center (218) 463-2233

In addition to the success of the regional manufacturers, Roseau continues to be home to a strong agricultural community. The chief agricultural enterprise in the region is the production of grass seed. Roseau county provides 80% of the Timothy and 15% of the Kentucky Bluegrass that is marketed in the United States. The diversified land with its ample rainfall and good soil also yields abundant wheat, oats, barley, canola, sunflower, and flax crops. For more agricultural information contact:

Roseau County Extension Office (218) 463-1052

USDA Consolidated Farm Service Agency (218) 463-2452

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