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A Gnome’s Magical Christmas Journey to Christmas Past

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December 1, 2023

 A Gnome’s Magical Christmas Adventure: Lights of Yesteryear

‘Tis the season when the temperature is crisp, and the scent of evergreen and Christmas cookies wafts through the air. My name is Roman the Gnome, and I’m about to embark on an adventure in Roseau, MN. Today, I woke with a need to explore and a heart full of curiosity. While having coffee at Nelson’s Cafe, I overheard a gentleman talking about an old village that transforms into a winter wonderland every Christmas. He spoke of sparkling lights, nostalgic decorations, and a timeless charm that could warm the coldest hearts.

Arriving at the village, I was greeted by the soft crunch of snow beneath my gnome-sized boots and the faint jingle of sleigh bells in the distance. The narrow boardwalks were lined with rustic cottages, their roofs adorned with a thick layer of glistening snow. My excitement grew as I turned the corner and was met with a breathtaking sight – the entire village shining with a mesmerizing display of Christmas lights.



The buildings were adorned with strings of twinkling fairy lights that danced merrily in the chilly night breeze. Each storefront boasted a unique decorations display, ranging from classic wreaths to intricately crafted wooden ornaments. The warm golden glow spilled from windows, inviting passersby to peek inside and catch a glimpse of the festive interiors.


One particular building caught my eye – a quaint city hall with a chimney puffing gentle plumes of smoke. Its windows were framed with candles, casting a soft, flickering light that added to the enchantment of the scene. Giant Christmas bulbs and multi-colored lit greenery invited me in. I particularly liked the decorations – snow-covered pinecones and tiny, hand-painted figurines depicting scenes of joy and merriment. The table was set for guests with trays of cookies and steaming hot cocoa. I was surprised to see a round fellow dressed in a red suit similar to my attire. When he laughed, his belly shook like a bowl full of jello. Small children were laughing and whispering in his ear. It seemed a jolly celebration.


The village square served as the center of the festive magic. A towering Christmas tree made from a windmill stood proudly in the center. The air was filled with the sweet melody of carolers singing timeless tunes, their voices harmonizing with the soft rustle of evergreen branches and the creaking of the windmill as they whirled in the wind. The Christmas lights sparkled in a dazzling array of colors, casting a warm and inviting glow on the snow.

I couldn’t resist joining the festivities. As I explored the village, I encountered friendly townsfolk dressed in cozy winter attire, their rosy cheeks aglow with the spirit of Christmas. Children laughed and played in the snow, ice skating,  building snowmen, and engaging in spirited snowball fights. The aroma of an outside fire and hot cocoa wafted through the air, adding to the enchantment. I jumped on the hay wagon and rode through the village past Candy Cane Lane, the barn with baby Jesus, and the outdoor ice skating rink. This was pure holiday magic.

As the night unfolded, I was captivated by the simplicity and timelessness of the village’s Christmas celebration.