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Vote Roseau – Cenex Hometown Throwdown Champions for $100,000

Small towns across the US offer a unique charm and sense of community that is hard to find elsewhere. Roseau is no exception. With its quaint Main Streets, friendly faces, and tight-knit neighborhoods, we exude warmth and hospitality. Roseau residents appreciate that life moves at a slower pace here, allowing for genuine connections and a break from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s a place to enjoy nature, neighbors, and of course small town events like the Roseau Fall Festival. 

The Cenex Hometown Throwdown Grand Prize is rewarded to bolster events and give the community opportunities to bring talent and resources for enrichment and growth. Visit the Go Roseau Facebook and leave an idea on events you might like.

Now, as the town stands on the brink of potentially securing the grand prize, the spotlight turns to the nation as citizens across America are called upon to cast their votes to support Roseau’s victory bid.

The voting is open. It’s an opportunity for every American to rally behind Roseau, demonstrating the power of smalltowns everywhere!

Come join us the first week in October for the Roseau Fall Harvest Festival. The events are free and so is the fun! Watch the first ever, giant pumpkin boat contest on the Roseau River. This is your invitation to see why we are a finalist in the BEST Hometown Throwdown!
Sinnamon Krings
Roseau Promotions Director