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Discover Northern Minnesota’s Ultimate Car Haven at the Shed in Warroad

Northwest MN's Largest Car Collection - The Shed in Warroad

Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime at The Shed in Warroad, MN – a hidden roadside museum boasting the most extensive collection of classic and muscle cars in Northern Minnesota! Nestled in the heart of “Hockeytown USA,” this isn’t your ordinary car collection—it’s a thrilling journey through automotive history. The shed is a 24,000-square-foot building that is home to unique vehicles and collector’s items that will leave you in awe.

The Shed in Warroad

The Shed has no set hours because it is a private collection. If you are in Warroad and see a green light on the building, stop in for a tour. This is the sign that they are open for guests. You are being welcomed into a showroom with over  90 meticulously curated automobiles, each with its unique story.

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A Collection to be Preserved and Celebrated

Owned by none other than Bob Marvin, of Marvin Windows fame and also the Mayor of Warroad, this collection isn’t just about cars—it’s a testament to passion and legacy. For Bob, it all began in 1981 when he purchased his first car a ’65 Riviera. The Shed  in Warroad began as a passion project for Bob, a car aficionado who envisioned a space where the rich automotive heritage of the region could be preserved and celebrated. What started as a modest garage quickly became a treasure trove of meticulously restored vehicles, each with its own story. These stories come alive if Bob or Rick are around to give you a personal tour.

The Shed
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From iconic muscle cars to rare gems once driven by Hollywood stars like Nicholas Cage, The Fonz’s Girlfriends car from Happy Days,  and even Fords Presidential campaign vehicles, every corner of The Shed sparks wonder and admiration. Some cars are the first in their model but all of them are uniquely special.

And it’s not just about the cars. The Shed is a community hub that welcomes visitors with open doors and no admission fee. A collection jar is out if you want to donate to support local initiatives. Bob and Loralee Marvin are always finding ways to give back to their community and help organizations such as the Cancer Society and Relay for Life. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or love a good story, The Shed in Warroad promises an unforgettable experience.

The Shed

From a 1926 Ford Model T to modern marvels like the 2005 Ford GT, every vehicle here is a piece of history restored to its former glory. Marvel at the craftsmanship, soak in the nostalgia of vibrant 1950s ice cream parlor colors,  wax gleamed hoods, and witness firsthand the artistry that defined an era when cars were not just transportation but symbols of freedom and creativity. 

So, whether you’re planning a cross-country expedition or a weekend getaway, make The Shed in Warroad your next destination. It’s more than a collection of cars; it’s a celebration of passion, community, and the thrill of the unknown. Embrace the journey- its not just for car lovers. Anyone can appreciate the history and diverse range of automobiles in the museum.The ’private collection is worth the trip but don’t just take our word for it—experience it yourself. 

Visit The Shed and see why this is a must-do for all who visit the borderland region. 

Your next adventure awaits at 113 Lake St. NE, Suite B, Warroad, MN. 

Unlock the thrill of discovery and let The Shed ignite your passion for the road ahead!

To take a tour or find out hours of operation, the Marvins say to call the house 218 386-2485 or reach them on their cell at 218 242-1498.  If you are driving by, watch for the green light and stop in. If Bob or Rick are around, it will be a tour you will never forget.

the shed in warroad

A video tour of The Shed Car Collection