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Capture the Flames Studio 218 Ignites Fire Photography in Roseau, MN


Studio 218 Minnesota Photography and Videography


Studio 218 has made quite a mark on Minnesota as she travels around the 218 area code capturing all the fun things to do and see in our gorgeous state. With 14k+ followers on TikTok and more on Meta she isn’t slowing down. Holding a collaborative mindset she wants to share her knowledge and encourage and empower others to do what she does. Athena grew up in Ely, MN and is now  located in Brainerd so Northern Minnesota is no stranger to this creative. 

“There is always competition, it’s when you learn to work with your competition that your business and relationships will grow. We are artists. We may sell a similar product, but they will never be the same product.” – Athena

You can see tons of spots on Tiktok, Meta, and her website for places to travel you have to check it out.

Bestie and fire performer Tiffany Pogreba introduced this art to Athena over a decade ago and now it comes full circle. Join Athena and Tiffany as they teach how to photograph this beautiful art of night photography and Fire Poi.

“Bringing people together through creative design on any level is a passion of mine. I have always leaned more towards the right side of my brain on anything I do a free spirit if you will. I love things that bring light and promote joy. Sleek clean lines and a breath of life into any project can change the entire dynamic. I have an ability to hear a client’s needs and bring their vision to life. I also can see when it is not going to be a good fit. What I do is not for everyone just as anything we participate in. Isn’t that why we have a plethora of options? I personally love it. I love other creators’ art and to collaborate with likeminded talent. Competition is great but when we can come together and boost our local economy together that is where the good stuff is. #GOALS, right? So let’s make it weird and start making a difference! 

-Athena Thomsen, Studio 218 Owner

Light Painting


Studio 218 is a creative digital marketing company located in Brainerd, MN and owner and creative Athena Thomsen does it all. From filming, designing, pre/postproduction, Athena shows a unique view using her drone and other professional filming equipment to show off the state of Minnesota and its amazing small business. With her creativity she offers services including beautiful website design that includes SEO setup, videography, photography, and content creation.  

She will be sharing her knowledge by teaching three classes in Roseau on October 6th and 7th, 2023, as part of the Fall Harvest Festival. These classes are a great opportunity for individuals interested in photography and videography to learn from an industry expert.

The classes will cover night photography featuring Fire POI, Sparkle POI and light painting with LED. Videography techniques, photography tips, and content creation best practices. Each class will be informative and interactive, allowing participants to gain practical skills and insights.


LED Light Painting is a unique form of photography that involves using LED lights to create stunning and vibrant images. It is a technique where the photographer uses a long exposure setting on their camera and moves an LED light source around in front of the lens to create streaks and patterns of light. This creates a beautiful and ethereal effect in the final image. LED Light Painting allows for endless creativity and experimentation, as the photographer can control the speed, direction, and intensity of the light source to create different effects. It is a popular technique among photographers and artists who want to add a touch of magic and surrealism to their work.

Fire Poi is a performance art that involves swinging tethered weights that are on fire. The weights, known as poi, are typically made of chains or ropes with wicks soaked in fuel. The performer swings the poi in various patterns and movements, creating mesmerizing trails of fire. Fire Poi is often seen at festivals, concerts, and other events, and it requires skill and practice to perform safely.

Steel wool poi is a type of performance art that involves swinging tethered weights made of steel wool that is set on fire. The steel wool creates sparks and trails of light as it spins through the air, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. It is often performed at night or in dark environments to enhance the visibility of the sparks. Safety precautions should be taken when practicing steel wool poi, as it involves working with fire.

Light Painting with Studio 218
Sparkle POI with Studio 218
Athena Fire Poi Studio 218
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Your mom said not to play with fire so what are you doing now 🔥🫶🏻🤣 I love these two! 📍Border Point Lodge, Crosslake, MN

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