I have a carefree and relaxing day in store for you, but first, let me introduce myself. My name is Roman the Gnome. I stand about six inches tall, but my love for adventure is one hundred times the size of me. I have just the place in mind to play on the playground, explore exquisite scenery, and so much more. If you are in for a fun-filled (yet relaxed) day, keep reading. 

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Not too long ago, Roseau City added a new and improved playground that I could play on for hours. On the new playground structure, there is a rock wall that is too big for me, but anyone who is just a little taller could have the time of their life. However, my favorite part is the slides. In the summertime, they can get a little too hot for my bum, but nothing stops me from ripping down the steep tubes. The wind in my hair and the twisty turns of the slide are the best three seconds ever. 

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I do love the slides, but that is just a portion of how much fun I can actually have here. Let me take you over to another one of my favorite spots – the teeter-totter (or whatever you call it). I grip the handle as hard as I can because it shoots me right up into the sky. I have to be careful not to fall off! If you like heights as much as I do, this is the best way to get a thrill at City Park. However, make sure you bring a friend with you because it is so much better when two people are on the teeter-totter. My friend Moman and I have such a good time going up and down. Come with us next time!

Don’t let the word “park” in Roseau City “Park,” deter you. There is so much this exquisite park has to offer. I gathered some of my friends to play one of my favorite games that’s located throughout the park – frisbee golf. The grass is so soft and luscious green, so walking around the park to play frisbee golf was superb. After we made our way back to the front, we stopped at the sand volleyball courts to play volleyball. The sand is well-kept and the nets were just the right height. I won’t lie, it was exhausting but enjoyable. I used to have no idea that Roseau City Park had this much to do!

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Now that I’ve shown you some of my favorite spots throughout the park, let’s take a little walk. As I walked through the park, I caught a glimpse of a river. I continued on and I came across a dock sitting right over the water. It was gorgeous. The Roseau River flowed so peacefully, and it was such a calming way to relax after a long day of playing on the playground. I sat on the docks listening to the water ripple and splash against the banks. This might be my new favorite place to sit and soak in the sun.

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After catching sun rays on the docks, I continued my walk on the smoothly paved bike trails. I eventually made my way back to the main park area. My tummy started to rumble. I was extremely hungry after exploring the ins and outs of the City Park. We went to our car and grabbed a little cooler we brought with us. Inside contained hotdogs, brats, chips, and goodies of all kinds. We sat at a picnic table while my mom put some hot dogs on a hot grill near the campsite. I enjoyed a chilled juice box with a side of chips and brownies as I waited for the hot dogs to be done.

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As I let my tummy settle, the sun began to creep below the trees. My perfect day was ending. We went back to the docks to unwind as we watched the daylight fade away. I had such a good time playing on the playground, listening to the river splash against the docks, and exploring the entire park. Now, it was time to settle in at our campsite. The City Park has a calm, yet secluded, campsite to relax in. We set up our campsite and got settled for bed. I would say that it was an excellent ending to my day at Roseau City Park. See you next time and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

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See you next time and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Best Regards, 
Roman the Gnome

Contributing Writer: Abigail Cobb