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A Nature Lover’s Guide to Roseau

This humble one has been to a great many places as a tiny tourist, but for today, I will be sharing with my beloved readers only the most exquisite of places this gnome would visit. I have five places in mind.

On my first stop,  I was able to find a serene location budding with life near the railroad tracks between the Polaris manufacturing plant and the Westside Trailer Court. As this is Minnesota, I found it particularly fitting when I noticed a yellow lady’s slipper orchid. The pink lady’s slipper is the state flower, so this humble one hopes to stumble across one in the area as well. 

Screen Shot 2023 07 07 at 9.23.33 AM

Next, this virtuous gnome traveled to Roseau’s City Park, where I found a bridge overlooking the Roseau River. It was a foggy morning, dewdrops covering many of the luscious flora. The scene was admittedly breathtaking. However, I wish to present my dear readers a photo of the magnificent river — a view worth waking up early for. 

Screen Shot 2023 07 07 at 9.27.43 AM

Oh my! Now what a sight to behold! I also discovered that such spots are excellent for conversation. I myself had an interesting chatter with the nearby wildlife — mainly dragonflies and toads, with the occasional bashful fae. Rumor has it that such locations would be wise for something such as a romantic date, which is a topic of discussion amongst a great many of my beloved readers. A  lady I encountered says she witnessed a first love’s kiss! Ehm…anyway. Me? Well, I just prefer to be alone. Most gnomes feel as such, though it does lead to the further decline of our population.

Along the river, I happened to take note of a delicate little flower. It was one I hadn’t seen before, so it certainly caught my perceptive glance.

Screen Shot 2023 07 07 at 9.28.35 AM

Looking into it, I found that the water smartweed is classified as a weed and can be a nuisance in certain cases, but it is also an important source of food for aquatic waterfowl, songbirds, quails, doves, and small mammals. They are known to purify the water, which is good news to the citizens and animals of Roseau! I, for one, am relieved to be drinking higher-quality water — something that isn’t exactly a luxury for us humble gnomes.

Yes, onto the next wondrous stop — North Star Park. Not only is it a fun place for the miniature humans to play about, but I found it to be a beautiful place to star-gaze. Perhaps I could even see the Northern Lights sometime since Roseau is known as a hot spot. I set up camp on a small hilly spot, bringing some snacks and a fizzy beverage I noticed the humans here seem to enjoy. I was left alone to ponder my thoughts, planning ahead for my next adventure, when my mind suddenly went blank. You see, this modest gnome had been so used to go-getting (yes, a phrase I heard from the humans) that he hadn’t remembered to properly take a breath! As I watched the sunset, colors from all spectrums of the rainbow painting the sky, I realized I, like many humans all around the world, needed to slow down. Relax. Take in what’s around me while I can. So I did just that. I got to thinking about the world and how spectacular its natural beauty really is. I also ruminated about the stars and their constellations. I have heard stories about how each constellation, but this was the first moment I had ever gotten the opportunity to sit down and see them for myself. It was awe-inspiring, to put it mildly.

Screen Shot 2023 07 07 at 9.30.31 AM

And with that, esteemed readers, my day in Roseau came to an end. This gracious one wishes you all the best and hopes you get to check out these splendid sights for yourself. 

With the highest regards,
Roman the Gnome

Contruiting Writer: Jayden Novak