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Northwest Angle Ice Road Passes

Looking to do something not many can say they’ve done without a snowmobile? Make plans in 2021 to stay in Roseau, then drive the first-ever ice road to the Northwest Angle for an ice fishing adventure.

Beginning in January 2021, the first-ever ice road for vehicle use from Warroad, MN on Lake of the Woods to the Northwest Angle will be plowed by the Angle Resort Community for the purpose of allowing resort customers and guests access to the Angle while the US/Canadian border remains closed

Due to the expense of maintaining this road, an ice road pass is required to travel from Springsteel Resort to Northwest Angle mainland and islands.

Cost: $145 per vehicle (Springsteel Resort to Sunset Lodge)

​Hours: 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. contingent on weather and ice conditions. You are responsible for checking their FB page prior to arriving at Springsteel for any ice road updates. Based on ice condition and weather the road may be closed until cleared.

Route: The road will run from Springsteel Resort, across the lake, to the Border Cut trail, then along the trail to the main Angle road (Co Rd 330). The road is approx. 25-30 miles.

Rules: 25 MPH speed limit. The road is not wheelhouse friendly. There will not be enough clearance and you will get stuck. Regular passenger vehicles and most trailers will be fine.

Note: Traveling along the ice road is at your own risk. Road status will be monitored closely and may be subject to change without notice. Updates will be posted on the Northwest Angle Guest Ice Road Facebook page, click here to like/follow the page.

Click here to purchase your ice road pass.