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Have Fun Biking recently call Roseau “an outdoor bicycle paradise.  If you are looking for that “TRUE NORTH BIKING EXPERIENCE” check out the Have Fun Biking blog on biking in Roseau.

The City of Roseau maintains a network of approximately 3 miles of paved recreational trails for pedestrians, bicycles and other non-motorized recreational use.  The current trail system provides a basic loop around the city when combined with existing sidewalks and low volume streets.  The trail system is continually being expanded and improved to provide more dedicated recreational trails.

Additional linkages and expansions are planned in the future including a south Roseau River crossing between the Roseau City Park and the Roseau Oak Crest Golf Club.  The City is also planning an additional 4.5 miles of paved trail to be constructed in conjunction with the Roseau East Diversion project. This trail expansion would include extensive trails into the rural areas surrounding the City.  Trail heads, parking and scenic overlooks are proposed as part of this trail expansion.